Canopy Fund Booklet

For the 15th Anniversary, TTF studied the question: “How can we improve our project process so we can expedite more improvements to the Trail?” Experience to date supports the notion that once a project successfully completes the Feasibility Study & Concept phase, both fundraising for the subsequent steps and ultimately project completion is highly likely. TTF created the Corgan Canopy Fund to alleviate the single biggest hindrance to initiate new projects. The Corgan Canopy Fund will function as an “incubator” that will support early stage project development, but will be replenished by capital raised during the fundraising efforts for specific projects once they enter the Design, Permitting & Construction Bidding, and Implementation stages.

The purpose of the Corgan Canopy Fund is to provide sufficient seed funding so that multiple projects can move forward at the same time, creating a pool of projects that are ready to go as funding allows or demand arises. Recently, The Trail Foundation established criteria by which its projects are selected. These criteria centered around two focus areas: 1) community need and benefit, 2) TTF capacity and ability to complete the projects. With this criteria in mind, 15 charter projects were selected for the Corgan Canopy Fund. The projects range from new trailheads and bathrooms to new water access points and playgrounds in honor of TTF’s 15th anniversary.


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