Who's Beth Larkin?

My portfolio shows off some of the work I’ve done, but I wanted to take this space to tell you just a bit more about who I am. Over my years I have picked up seemingly-unrelated diverse and broad skills. I am able to think both creatively and technically, moving between both with fluidity. That’s pretty fun for me!


I have been developing my technology interests since my family first purchased a home computer in the early nineties, getting repeatedly grounded for sneaking onto the computer in the middle of the night to teach myself how to code HTML on GeoCities and Angelfire. Ironically enough, the skills I gained through this disobedience are some of the most helpful foundations for my adult career. I still love digging in to learn new tech skills, and at the rate thing are changing, there will always be new things to learn!


In college, my interest in landscape architecture was piqued when I took a tour of the architecture building and I saw a concentration of art and creativity that didn’t exist in other departments of Texas A&M. The profession’s combination of science, engineering, art, and technology had me sold. Because of this formal landscape architecture training, I can’t help but sketch, draw or paint when I’m trying to communicate ideas – design is a language that helps deepen understanding across all disciplines.


I am an accumulator of hobbies. This means I'm constantly trying new creative and technical things! Sometimes that looks like building a new website (like this one!) over the course of a weekend. And other times it means I find an online class in printmaking or sign up to learn how to make macarons. The hobbies I can't seem to shake are knitting, reading and cooking. You'll see some of those things showcased in my portfolio because they are a part of me.